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Conversion Factors

To Convert Multiply By To Convert Multiply By
Centimetres to Inches 0.3937 Kilograms to Tons 0.0009842
Cubic Centimetres to Cubic Inches 0.06103 Kilos per sq mm to Tons per sq in 0.635
Cubic feet to cubic metres 0.02832 Metres to Feet 3.281
Cubic Inches to Cubic Centimetres 16.39 Miles to Kilometres 1.609
Cubic Inches to Litres 0.01639 Millimetres to Inches 0.0394
Cubic Metres to Cubic Feet 35.32 N/mm² to Tons f/in² 0.06475
Cubic Metres to Cubic Yards 1.308 Pounds to Kilograms 0.4536
Cubic Yards to Cubic Metres 0.7645 Pounds per Foot to Kilos per Metre 1.488
Feet to Metres 0.3048 Square Centimetres to Square Inches 0.1550
Foot Pounds to Kilogram Metre 0.1382 Square Feet to Square Metres .09290
Gallons to Litres 4.536 Square Inches to Square Centimetres 6.452
Gallons to Cubic Feet 0.1606 Square Metres to Square Feet 10.76
Grams to Lbs 0.002205 Inches to Centimetres 2.540
Inches to Millimetres 25.40 Tons per sq. Inch to Kilos per sq. mm 1.575
Kilogram Metres to Foot Pounds 7.233 Tons per f/in² to N/mm² 15.444
Kilograms to Lbs 2.205 Tons to Kilograms 1016.0
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